Double spaced essay

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Reading makes you smarter in our society. You vocabulary knowledge becomes huge, you learn how to speak clearly and beautifully. However, sometimes it is hard to find a good book. You get totally stacked, you have a feeling as you read every interesting book in this world. In this situation, start looking for different book reviews.

Some personalities even want to start writing a book review on their own. Some professors may even ask you to write a book review. By this type of work, they can test student’s ability to understand information and to make conclusions.

So, how to write Double spaced essay correctly?

Book review consists of two parts: summary and your own response to the book.

A summary is a small of retelling of the book. Nevertheless, you have to be very careful in this part, you cannot write about some important events in the book. It may spoil the whole interest of the reader about the book.

In your response, you have to write about your feeling. Write if you recommend this book or not. Tell about every little aspect, what did you like the most.

The main goal of the review is to express your opinion about what you read, so you must necessarily read the book. If you do not have enough time to read a book, you can read it in abbreviated form.

In order to facilitate the task of writing a review, take a notebook and a pen. And as you read the book, you have to take notes, write down your thoughts, mark the moments you liked. When you start writing a review, these entries will help you to remember everything that you were worried about as you read it, you will be able to clearly express your position regarding the book.

The most important thing that should be in your response is the description of the main ideas that an author of the book wanted to convey to a reader. In addition, you have to write your point of view, your assessment of how successful this task was done by the paper writer.